About N.S. Farrington & Co.

Norman and Julia Farrington started N.S. Farrington & Co. (then called "Cleaners & Tailors Supply Co.") in February, 1951.
The Company was incorporated in September, 1974.

Second generation family members David and Ken Farrington officially joined the company in the 1980s, and later went on to lead the company.  In 2014 the company passed to new ownership, and maintains a firm commitment to its customers and to its people.

We believe in a personal approach to satisfy our customer's needs for goods and services. This philosophy includes not only a healthy interaction with customers but also a team effort within N.S. Farrington & Co. through a willingness to work together toward the achievement of our goals.

N.S. Farrington was one of the first dry cleaner suppliers in the U.S. to adopt a voluntary closed-loop delivery system for perchloroethylene ('Perc'), for environmental and safety benefits.  And, supported legislation in North Carolina to make closed-loop Perc delivery the law in this State.  Today the company utilizes this system for all customers, including in States where it is not required by law.

More recently, N.S. Farrington introduced plastic film and wire hanger recycling programs for its customers.   Beyond re-use, these are true Recycling programs, in which the company backhauls used plastic and wire hangers from customers, whose communities are increasingly concerned about landfill and long-range environmental impact.