Welcome to N.S. Farrington & Co. - distributor of laundry and dry cleaning supplies, for cleaner clothes and a cleaner environment.

Motto and Purpose of N.S. Farrington & Co.

Our Motto is "The Personal Touch Company". With this in mind, our purpose is to serve the laundry and dry cleaning industry, with a personal touch, by providing quality goods and services to our customers in an atmosphere of genuine care and concern. Within our Company, we will maintain an environment to encourage personal growth and well-being for each person involved in our organization.

When you buy from N.S. Farrington & Co., you have access to products from 184 different factories, direct from our warehouse. Having a reliable full-line supplier with options and your preferences readily available is a huge benefit, compared to the cost and time required to multisource your needs. When you add those benefits with the just-in-time stock levels at your facility, superior customer service, dependable deliveries and a competitive, low cost provider, you don't have to spend 25% of your time in an area of your business that produces less than 10% of your overhead cost!

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Until they build 184 factories next door to you... There is NO better way to buy!